How Much Cost Deep Cleaning Service Schaumburg

How Much Cost Deep Cleaning Service Schaumburg

Deep cleaning services are becoming increasingly popular in the Schaumburg area. With busy lifestyles and hectic schedules, many people are turning to professional deep cleaning services to help keep their homes clean and organized. But how much does a deep cleaning service cost in Schaumburg? In this article, we’ll take a look at the average cost of deep cleaning services in the area and what you can expect from a professional deep cleaning service.

What is Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning is an intensive form of housecleaning that goes beyond the regular weekly or monthly cleaning routine. It involves thoroughly scrubbing and sanitizing all surfaces, including walls, floors, furniture, appliances, and fixtures. Deep cleaning also includes dusting hard-to-reach areas such as ceiling fans and baseboards, as well as vacuuming carpets and upholstery. The goal of deep cleaning is to remove dirt, dust, allergens, and other contaminants from your home for a healthier living environment.

When it comes to deep cleaning services in Schaumburg, there are several options available. You can hire a professional deep cleaning service to come into your home and do the job for you, or you can rent or purchase specialized equipment to do the job yourself. Professional deep cleaning services typically charge by the hour or by the square foot of space being cleaned.

The cost of a professional deep cleaning service will depend on several factors such as the size of your home, the type of materials being cleaned (e.g., carpets vs tile), and any special requests you may have (e.g., pet odor removal). Generally speaking, however, most professional deep cleaning services in Schaumburg charge between $100-$200 per hour.

If you decide to go with a DIY approach to deep cleaning your home, you’ll need to invest in some specialized equipment such as steam cleaners and vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters. Depending on the size of your home and the type of materials being cleaned, this could cost anywhere from $200-$500.

What Does a Deep Cleaning Service Include?

A professional deep cleaning service should include all of the following tasks:

  • Dusting all surfaces including walls, ceilings, windowsills, baseboards, door frames, light fixtures, furniture, shelves etc.
  • Vacuuming carpets and upholstery
  • Mopping floors
  • Scrubbing bathrooms including toilets, showers/tubs, sinks etc.
  • Cleaning kitchen appliances such as ovens and refrigerators
  • Wiping down countertops and cabinets
  • Cleaning windows inside and out

In addition to these tasks, some deep cleaning services may also offer additional services such as carpet shampooing or pet odor removal for an additional fee.

It’s important to note that not all deep cleaning services are created equal. Be sure to ask questions about what is included in their service before hiring them so that you know exactly what you’re getting for your money.

How Often Should I Have My Home Professionally Deep Cleaned?

Most experts recommend having your home professionally deep cleaned at least once every three months. This will ensure that your home stays clean and free of dirt and allergens that can cause health problems over time.

If you have pets or small children in your home who tend to make messes more often than others do then it may be beneficial to have your home professionally deep cleaned more frequently than every three months.

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