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How to prioritize house cleaning duties?

If you are like me and don’t much care for house cleaning, then probably you’ll wait with tidying up until you cannot see furniture any longer ;). At that point, you feel so overwhelmed by the clutter that you don’t know where to start. Or worse yet, you try to deal with everything simultaneously. Small wonder that at the end of the day you’re run ragged and home still looks like it has been hit by a tornado. You promise yourself to do the cleaning on regular basis so the mess won’t accumulate and next time everything will go easily and smoothly. Umm, doesn’t work as intended? Don’t despair, there is a solution to your problem. Before you get to the cleaning proper, you need a plan. Look around and note, which chores should be done daily, weekly, monthly or even twice a year. For example you should was dishes every day but if you aren’t an avid cook then it may be enough to scrub an oven once every few weeks or so. Not sure about the frequency of any particular task? Browse online resources. Of course all of the instructions will give you approximates so adjust them to your situation. You may use any given appliance, fixture or place at your home more or less frequently than stated. That done, consider outsourcing some of your chores to an external party. Don’t listen if someone says that you are lazy or inept. Time is finite value so make the best use of it.

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Basic daily house cleaning

Keeping your home neat and tidy with as little effort as possible is all nice and well but you need some baseline. If you’ve been neglecting household chores for quite a while and you don’t feel like dealing with resulting mess, then think of hiring professional company for thorough house cleaning in des Plaines, Elmwood Park or wherever it is you live in. they will help you with accumulated dirt so you could have a fresh start in your quest for tidy home. After you’ll have your house cleaning Elmwood Park or des Plaines completed, it will be up to you to find your own tidying routine. As I’ve already mentioned there are some cleaning chores that should performed daily. At first glimpse, it sounds like overkill. With your busy schedule and the many requirements of everyday life, you are supposed to tidy up as well. No good? I wouldn’t bet on that. Actually there are plenty of tasks you do daily and probably don’t consider them house cleaning like for example washing dishes and making a bed. There are many other things as well that take little time when you do them every day instead of leaving them for next week, month or even some unforeseeable future. Imagine collecting dirty dishes and pots for several days and then trying to wash them all at once. This chore, when done regularly takes umpteen minutes. Even less with a dishwasher, where you only need to load the appliance and choose an appropriate program. Doing this every few days will last ages as you not only have to wash the dishes but also scrub dried food. Ok, this one sounds pretty obvious. So let’s get back to the chores you can do on everyday basis without sacrificing too much time. I’ll continue with kitchen. After washing and leaving to drain all of the plates, glasses and pots (or alternatively putting them into dishwasher and pressing a button), you can wipe sink, countertops and stove to remove residual water, food spills and grease. Unless you did heavy frying or have liquid boiled over the hob, then it shouldn’t take more than several minutes. When we are at wiping, don’t forget about the floors. You can settle for cleaning spilled food or sticky places and leave thorough moping for the weekend. That done hang or fold (as you prefer) dish towels. They will look much neater that way than jumbled on the countertops. And that’s it, in less than twenty minutes (counting washing the dishes yourself), you’ve completed your everyday kitchen cleaning. Another crucial area is your bathroom. Here also few quick steps can go a long way in keeping this place spotless. Start with wiping sink to remove water, soap residue or toothpaste splatters. Do the same for the mirror using spritz of glass cleanser for stubborn spots or streaks. Next wipe toilet seat and brush toilet bowl. If you have a tub, you are done with the bathroom for now. If on the other hand you’re not so lucky owner (at least for the moment) of a shower stall then you should wipe its doors dry first. Not funny, nevertheless in the long run it allows you to avoid lime scale cleaning. Next step on your daily house cleaning route is bedroom. If you make your bed first thing in the morning, there isn’t much left to do here. Unless you’ve strewn clothing and jewelry over the furniture. No? Good for you. In other case put away all of the things into their designated places. If some of your clothes call for washing, then of course, laundry basket will be more appropriate destination for them. Now you move to the living room. Here you can quickly tidy up books, games and magazines by placing them on the shelves, stashing in the basket or throwing (in case of newspapers) into recycling bin. That done, straighten pillows and covers, wipe fingerprints from the furniture and brush visible crumbs. And voila. You’ve already completed your daily housecleaning. And it took you less than an hour. And, there is no saying that you have to do all of the chores by yourself. It’s good to include whole family in the everyday cleaning.

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Set one day of the week to do the laundry

Setting comfortable daily cleaning routine is very important to keep your home tidy. However, at the same time you have to remember about other chores that may be repeated less frequently. One of such tasks is of course washing. Unless your family is very large, once a week should be enough. Actually this way you deal with the task much quicker than if you try wash some of your clothing day by day. Nowadays you have an access to state of the art appliances and detergents that start working almost at the moment you put them in the machine drawer. Whole process is automated and efficient but you still need to allocate some time for it. Before putting anything into washing machine, you have to check your clothes pockets in search for forgotten tissues, bills, small coins, etc. Small bits of paper, stuck to anything and everything look unappealing and require fastidious plucking. It’s annoying but doesn’t mean the end of the world. Metal objects on the other hand are completely different kettle of fish as they may damage your washing machine. Next step consist of sorting your clothes on separate piles, depending on their color. Red dress may not suffer from mixing with other colors but what with white shirt? Another factor you have to take into account is type of fabric. Heavy cotton or linen is able to withstand high temperature and fast spinning. Unfortunately, wools, silks, some synthetics, hand painted textiles and alike aren’t so forgiving and may require program for delicate items or even a hand wash. If you aren’t sure how to treat particular piece of your wardrobe, always check on the label, where you can find precise instruction. All nice and well but it says “dry clean only”. In such a case, experiments with machine washing aren’t the safest bet. Best to find professionals, who take care of your garments. Your to-do list has already lengthened and you need to find time to take your clothes for dry cleaning and then collect them upon service completion. Or maybe not. You can choose company like Aloha dry cleaners Lake Zurich, who pick up wardrobe from the doorstep of your house and drop it off within a few days. You don’t even have to be at home, when they come. Just leave the items in the bag provided, fill the sleep from ticket book with additional comments or requirements and wait for fresh, dry cleaned clothing.

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Do the general cleaning once in a while

Regular tidying up is all nice and well but it doesn’t address all of the areas of your house. That’s were general deep cleaning once or twice a year has its place. One of the traditional moments for thorough scrubbing is spring. you wash and put into storage heavy winter clothing, replacing it with lighter garments, polish windows, swipe porch or patio (if you have it) and do plenty of other things to make your home extra clean. You probably check as well how your house fared during the winter, whether your roof requires some maintenance or siding calls for a replacement. The scope of necessary chores may look slightly overwhelming but as veteran of daily cleaning, I think you are ready to deal with more demanding task. Best starting point for tackling a problem is preparing a to-do list. There is no one size fits all here. Whatever works for you is appropriate. If you aren’t sure what exactly you should put on it – go online. There are many excellent templates available for free that you can adjust to your particular situation as well as useful tips and tricks that help you saving time and money. When you have a plan ready take care first of the most urgent tasks be it maintenance, repairs or small renovations. There is no sense in polishing appliance that has already reached the end of its service life. Before you get to cleaning proper, check as well whether you don’t have mold problem. Musty smell and black spots on the walls and / or ceiling are telltale signs of its presence but that’s not always the case. If you have an allergic or asthmatic person at home, whose health starts quickly deteriorating without apparent then reason, it’s good to invest in mold testing. Upon confirming that you have a mold problem, it’s tempting to try solving it yourself. However, that isn’t the best approach. The best way to get rid of the mold is by finding professional mold removal companies Chicago. Bottle of bleach and some paint sound like simple, budget friendly option but keep in mind that although most of the mold species are innocuous enough, there are some harmful ones, like black mold. Only specialists can determine, which is which and act accordingly. Mold removal company will check as well, whether your problem has really been solved and not only concealed.

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